Friday, October 19, 2007

Hogwarts Package

Look what I got in the mail Hogwarts Sock Swap Package, from Emma Crookshanks. She sent me all sorts of cool stuff, including my super soft Ravenclaw socks. Included in the package were some beautiful stitch markers, 2 balls of Patons Pebbles in Ravenclaw-ish colors, Charmed Knits books(Yeah!), very cool Harmony DPNs, and last but not least something for my House Elf...
A cute little kitten toy. Anneliese has either been guarding or attacking this toy since being unwrapped. Thank you so much Emma for a perfect package.

Well I have some news(which will help explain my spotty blogging). DH finally got his orders for the last stage of his training. Yeah! We are very excited to be almost finished all of the training part of his job, the only sucky part is that we'll be separated for 4 months while he finishes this last part. On the plus side we are 4 months closer to be stationed somewhere for longer then 1 year at a time. So now that we have the orders we can start getting everything all set for a very big move from here(California) back to Georgia. So I've been busy filling out forms, going to briefings, collecting files and downsizing the house. Busy, busy, busy. I was very excited on Monday when we went to Transportation and found out that the Army would have a professional moving company come in and pack everything up and put it in storage for us. That takes alot off my shoulders. Well I'm off to make phone calls and to work some more on the Monkey socks.(they are sooo close to being finished)

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