Thursday, June 28, 2007

Knit Alongs...

One day left until the MS3 begins. This is very exciting because my yarn got here yesterday, which in my opinion is pretty fast service. I placed my order on Sunday and it got here on Wednesday. Pretty nice. Included with my order was a nice color card for the Jaggurspun Zephyr. I know the lighting is a little off, but the color that I ordered is Sage, and it is gorgeous.

So I got straight to work on my swatches. I tried a size 4 first, just because it seems that's what just about everyone else was doing. But after blocking it I wasn't sure if I like how big the holes were. So I started over using size 3's. And after blocking that swatch out, I'm not sure if I see much of a difference. The left swatch is on the size 4's and the right on the size 3's. Please let me know which you think is the better gauge.
So after all that, I made a trip to the LBS this morning and picked out the final item for the stole. The beads. I was a little disappointed, they had tons of size 11/0 in every single color. But when I finally made my way over to the size 8/0, the color selection was very limited. So with the help of my 4 year old, we decided on rainbow light purple to go with the sage. I know it sounds kind of off, but the slight contrast actually looks really nice together. Thank you Angelina.

On to other things. I also joined the Sock it to Me sock swap, which should be a lot of fun. Sign ups end on Saturday so if anyone is interested just click on the link on the side of my page. And since I am presently addicted to KAL, I joined the Christmas KAL. This was a practical choice that should also be fun. I had just started my Christmas knitting list, so this came at the right time. There will be prizes for who finishes the most from their list the quickest. Fun, fun, fun!

With getting ready to leave for vacation on Saturday and putting together all my MS3 supplies, I have not had much time for actual knitting. Although I have sneaked of few moments at night for working on the Print O' Wave Stole. The second half is coming along pretty well, I only have 9 more repeats to go. Hopefully I'll have that done and some of the border by the time I get back from Georgia.

I'll try and post a progress report while we're gone, but there are no guarantees. So if nothings gets posted next week. I will see you all on the 8th of July.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Weekend Knitting

4 days and counting till the first clue to the Mystery Stole. I changed my mind on the yarn, I went ahead and ordered Zephyr in Sage from I'm hoping that it will get here in time for me to do a swatch before Friday. My fingers are crossed. My other hope is that the pattern will be appropriate for a Christmas gift for my grandmother. I had started a Lace Leaf Shawl in Louet Milan in Lichen. I'm not sure if its the yarn I don't like or if I've done too much frogging and so I don't like the pattern anymore. Either way, I'm thinking of ripping out and starting over, so hopefully the MS3 will work out.
I have been knitting like crazy this weekend. I finished the first half of the center of the Print O' Wave Stole. No mistakes!!! I have been so careful with watching the pattern repeats that I can proudly say that this piece is perfect.

I love how the waves show up so much

I also cast on the second half and have finished one repeat so far this morning. If I can keep this half as perfect as the last, I will be very happy. I can't wait to have this finished, so I can block this baby out.

Other news...We are getting ready to go back to Georgia for the 4th of July week, to visit my husbands parents. We are very excited about this. He hasn't seen his parents since last June, so it should be tons of fun. Plus lots of travel time=lots of knitting time. :)

Friday, June 22, 2007

Print O' Wave Stole

So I finally took a picture of the stole. I know the lighting is horrible, but at least its an idea of what it looks like. The yarn is so soft and slightly heathered, so it gives it some extra dimension.(Knit Picks-Shadow in Vineyard)

I am done six of the seventeen repeats for this side of the stole, and am quite pleased with how its turning out so far. The pattern is written so that the center panel is worked in two pieces and then grafted together in the center. Giving you mirrored waves. Then a small border is worked around the entire piece, with a large border framing that. Thank you Eunny Jang, for this beautiful pattern. I am very excited to see how this is going to turn out. And other then some missing stitch problems at the beginning, everything is going pretty smoothly.(Knock on wood)

Other things...I joined a new group today, the Mystery Stole 3.
I have never done a mystery project before so this should be fun. I'm going to go get my yarn tomorrow so that I can work my swatch and get my beads for the project. I'm thinking that I'm going to use Ornaghi Filati Merino Oro in either yellow or seafoam. But we'll see when I get to the LYS, I always seem to change my mind once I get there.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


So I have officially finished two pairs of socks. The first pair, I am horrified with. I ended up with a lot of ladders, they are way too loose and one sock is bigger then the other one. My second pair turned out much better. They are ankle socks ( which is much more practical for me), and I tried a short row heel. I love this method for forming the heel and toe. It seems to fit so much better and is much more comfortable.

After my two attempts at socks, I think my sock curiosity is finally filled. So I'm going to move on to bigger and better things. Shawls...

I've been reading Eunny Jang's blog, and I absolutely love her patterns. I started working on the "Print O' The Wave Stole" last night. I don't have much done, but I am loving how its looking. I'll post a picture as soon as I pull the camera out.