Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Couple of FO's

I have been very good this past week...I have only been working on my WIPs instead of casting on anything new. So far I've knocked out 2 projects with 2 more that I want to get finished before we make our big move.Pattern: Monkey by Cookie A
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Sommerset - 2 skeins
Needles: US 1.5 - Knit Picks
These will be off to my MSS3 Pal as soon as my order from the Loopy Ewe gets here.

Pattern: Swan Lake (MS3) by Pink Lemon Twist
Yarn: Zephyr in Sage (less then 4oz)
Needles: US3 - Addi Lace Turbo
Thats it for me today, I'm off to clean house and work on some of my other WIPs. Have a great week.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Hogwarts Package

Look what I got in the mail Hogwarts Sock Swap Package, from Emma Crookshanks. She sent me all sorts of cool stuff, including my super soft Ravenclaw socks. Included in the package were some beautiful stitch markers, 2 balls of Patons Pebbles in Ravenclaw-ish colors, Charmed Knits books(Yeah!), very cool Harmony DPNs, and last but not least something for my House Elf...
A cute little kitten toy. Anneliese has either been guarding or attacking this toy since being unwrapped. Thank you so much Emma for a perfect package.

Well I have some news(which will help explain my spotty blogging). DH finally got his orders for the last stage of his training. Yeah! We are very excited to be almost finished all of the training part of his job, the only sucky part is that we'll be separated for 4 months while he finishes this last part. On the plus side we are 4 months closer to be stationed somewhere for longer then 1 year at a time. So now that we have the orders we can start getting everything all set for a very big move from here(California) back to Georgia. So I've been busy filling out forms, going to briefings, collecting files and downsizing the house. Busy, busy, busy. I was very excited on Monday when we went to Transportation and found out that the Army would have a professional moving company come in and pack everything up and put it in storage for us. That takes alot off my shoulders. Well I'm off to make phone calls and to work some more on the Monkey socks.(they are sooo close to being finished)

Friday, October 12, 2007

SP Package

I was so excited when I opened the mailbox this afternoon, and saw a package with my name on it. My first SP package was here...look at the goodies that my pal sent me.
Inside was a cute little magnetic notepad, a couple of really nice smelling candles, a package of note cards, Reese Peanut Butter Cups(Angelina has already swiped a few a those) and 2 skeins of Plymouth Alpaca in a really pretty petal. This yarn is very soft and squishy, so nice.
Thank you very much secret pal.

I think I must have bought magic needles...I cast on my pals first monkey sock Wednesday and cast off yesterday. I have never knitted a sock that fast, so it must be the needles. I love my new Knit Picks needles, the points are very pointed and the 6" length makes them very easy to work with, but best of all I didn't break a single needle. Yeah! Well I am off to cast on the second monkey, hopefully I can get this one finished just as quickly.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

F**k the Mittens

Do you sense my frustration? I finished the first Anemoi Mitten and it looks awesome. The problem is still getting them on, it's possible, just not easy(really NOT easy). So these are going away in the to be scraped pile while I try and figure out what to do for this persons Christmas present. I have also been working on my Cabletini socks. I am so in love with everything about these, the yarn, the needles(my Sox Stix), and most of all the pattern. The mini cables are awesome and easy to memorize, and I finally found a toe-up pattern that has the reinforced heel that I love so much.
We also went pumpkin picking this weekend, which was a fun experience. The pumpkin farm had corn mazes, bouncy houses and goat feeding...Angelina had a blast with all the activities. We ended up with 5 large pumpkins, 3 small and 2 mini. We spent most of Sunday carving 3 of the pumpkins into a scary face, a cat, and some bats. We are now all set for Halloween, except for the candy, but that can be easily obtained.
Angelina hard at work carving her 1st pumpkin
The end results

The family of pumpkins (scary face, Boo w/ bats & a cat)

Last night the Loopy Ewe had a sneak up and so far I have resisted temptation, although its been very difficult since there are a couple of things that I am really coveting.
Fleece Artist - Stone
Yarn Love - Contentment Yarn Love - Darling

Hopefully I'll be able to indulge fairly soon, until then I'll just look.

P.S. My new Knit Picks Sock needles came in tonight, they are really nice. I finally broke down and bought metal needles since every time I pick up a pair of socks to knit I break at least one needle. So the money that I was spending (plus the breaks easily factor)made me think that maybe bamboo wasn't really for me.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

SITM Package

Thank you so much Lynn for the beautiful socks and all the awesome goodies.
Here are my socks, they are so pretty and they fit very nicely. Lynn used Cookie A's Hedera pattern and Lang yarn. I love them.She also sent some chocolate, a row counter (I have been wanting one of these), body lotion in my favorite scent...Magnolia Blossom, some coupons for Bath and Body Works, a skein of Louet Gems Sport in a sage color, and an awesome tape measure that looks like a hat cake.This has been a really great swap. Thanks again Lynn for the best package.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Finally Motivation Strikes

Thanks goodness for new needles. Because I just couldn't wait to use my new Sox Stix, I cast the Anemoi Mittens once again. And this time they worked! I figured out that the problem wasn't the needle size, but that I was pulling the CC way to tight across the back. Because all of the colorwork was so tight in the back, it was pulling the ribbing in and not letting it stretch out at all. So now I'm making a conscious effort to keep all the colorwork very loose, and it's working beautifully. Thank you to all of those that left me suggestions or encouragement with the Anemoi Mittens, I really appreciate the feedback.The monkeys are driving me crazy. I finished blocking the Monkey sock for my pal, it is definitely way too small. So after another trip to my LYS I pick up some ToFutsies in 10 Foot Tall and started again. I upped my needle size to a US2 and it seems to be helping quite a bit. The real test though is when I get down to the heel and gusset, that's were the sizing problem seems to happen. My fingers are crossed though. I also picked up these while at the LYS.
SWTC ToFutsies in Toot Toot for either a pair of Cabletini or Pomatomus

Trekking XXL in Greys for a pair of Vanilla Socks for DH