Sunday, November 18, 2007

Holy Magic Loop, Batman

So I have tried something new this weekend, and I am really liking it thus far. Magic Loop...what's not to like, no ladders, easy to try on, and best of all, no SSS. The only thing that I'm not liking right now is how slow it goes, so I just keep reminding myself that once I'm done, I'm done, no second sock to cast on for.

An "N" for November. I have finished my November socks for SAM4, although I almost feel like I cheated, just plain toe-up St St. Yay for quick and easy socks. I really do love these socks though, the yarn is from heaven( actually it's Plucky Knitter, but close enough) it's so soft and squishy and the colors are awesome.
Pattern: Working Socks from the Toe-Up from Interweave Summer 2007
Yarn: Old Oak Tree Superwash Sport from the Plucky Knitter
Needles: US 2.5

I've also finished my first Chevron Scarf, which I am also very happy with how it turned out.

Pattern: Chervon Scarf by Joelle Hoverson

Yarn: Claudia Hand Painted Fingering in Oops and Stormy Day (1.5 skeins of each)

Needles: US 5

A quick peek at my WIPs...


the Moose Hat

And yarn porn from the Loopy Ewe...
Stitch Counting Bracelet, Claudia Handpainted Fingering in Strawberry Latte & Chocolate, Seacoast in Desert Rose, and Shibui in Breeze (from Lt to Rt)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Needles for Sale

I have some needles for sale, as I am getting the Knit Picks Options set. I have them listed here individually or I will sell them as a set for $60. Just leave me a message if you are interested in anything listed here.

Brittany Birch
US 2 - 5" = $3 ($6.99 retail)
US 5 - 10" = $3 (6.99 retail)

US 1 - 6" set of 5 = $3 ($7.40 retail)
US 1 - 6" set of 4 = $2 ($7.40 retail)
US 2 - 8" set of 4 = $2 ($7.40 retail)
US 3 - 8" set of 5 = $3 ($7.60 retail)
US 8 - 8" set of 5 = $3 ($7.85 retail)
US 2 - 9" = $2 ($4.05 retail)
US 3 - 9" = $2 ($4.05 retail)
US 6 - 9" = $2 ($4.30 retail)
US 0 - 16" = $4 ($7.99 retail)

US 6 - 13" = $3 ($5.75 retail)
US 7 - 9" = $2 ($4.75 retail)
US 8 - 13" = $3 ($5.75 retail)
US 4 - 29" = $4 ($8.25 retail)
US 5 - 29" = $4 ($8.25 retail)
US 6 - 24" = $4 ($8.25 retail)
US 7 - 29" = $4 ($8.25 retail)
US 8 - 24" = $4 ($8.25 retail)

US 0 - 6" = $3 ($6.75 retail)
US 6 - 6" = $3 ($6.75 retail)

US 4 - 16" = $1 (I'm not sure how much I paid for these, but I'm sure it wasn't much)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Monkey Socks and Yarn Porn

I have been a bad blogger lately, but with good excuse. My in-laws are visiting this week for DH's graduation, so I have been very busy getting ready for the visit and now entertaining. We have been having a great time seeing all the sites and hanging out, it's amazing how much of the area we get to see when we have company.

My MSS3 package arrived yesterday. Thank you so much Ester for the great package! Included in my package was a very cute hugging monkey and blanket set (which Angelina claimed immediately), a couple of cute scarfs, a pair of slippers, Hersey's cookies, sunglasses, a Chibi needle set, Lang JaWoll, Meilenweit Mega Boots Stretch, Twisted Flower Pattern...and of course my socks. They are awesome. (excuse the cat in the pic, she wants to be famous)

I also have some yarn porn to show off. I'm only going to post pics of my favorites, since I kind or went over board. Yummy yummy yarn porn!

Yarn Love - Violets

Fleece Artist Sea Wool - Stone
Cherry Tree Hill Sport - Cherry Blossom
The Plucky Knitter BFL Suri Alpaca - Lara
The Plucky Knitter Merino - Pesto

A pic of my most recent WIP...I have joined the bandwagon and started a Chevron Scarf. I am really liking the pattern and the yarn, and it's knitting up pretty quick which is always good.

And last but not least...if you haven't checked these out yet you should. Pink Lemon Twist mentioned these kits on her blog, and I am always looking for a quick Christmas present. They are hat and headband colorwork kits, very cool and for a very reasonable price, $19.95 for the yarn and the kit.